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Welcome to Studio Bokeh in Aurora

Studio Bokeh is a photo studio located in downtown Aurora (less than a minute's walk south of the Aurora Public Library) servicing customers in Aurora, Newmarket, King, Bradford, Stouffville, Richmond Hill, and Markham.
It has a private entrance and a lot of parking space. It is a family-owned business, and we do things small-town style. Before you make your decision to rent from us, give us a call and ask for a private tour or a sample session. We want you to be our frequent guest, and we will be happy to show you around.
If you are looking for professional photography services and want to make a session for your family, our in-house photographers will be glad to do so. The services are available by appointment, so please use our booking tool to save the date and time.

See below what's included

Main room
Elegant Boho-style room
Industrial-style bar and coffee shop area


What is inside the studio?

Our studio welcomes photographers to make a session for your customers in all of the below setups. Please note that the studio is at your full disposal while renting - no other photographers will be sharing any areas with you.



  • Industrial-style Bar

  • Boho-style Room 

  • The main room features:

    • Backdrops setup

    • Velvet blue armchair with a large mirror

    • Velvet green sofa

    • Matching loveseat and armchair

    • Fireplace

    • Antique Egyptian door

    • Swing



One fee covers access to the rooms plus:



  • Make-up station

  • Kitchenette area

  • Free refreshments for you and your customers

  • Washroom

  • Professional equipment:

    • 2 x Godox SK400II

    • 2 x Godox SK300II

    • Godox SL-150W Continuous Light

    • Godox P120L Softbox

    • 2 x Godox 35x160cm Beehive Honeycomb Grid Strip Box

    • Godox 140cm  Octagon  Softbox With Grid

    • 1 x Soft Box SB-BW (80x120cm) softboxes and silver/white umbrellas

    • Godox Standard Reflector

    • C-Stand

    • 2 x 260T Light Stands

    • Westcott Basics 40'' 5-in-1 Reflector

    • Triggers

  • Seasonal setups

Flower Setup 2024

Main Room

Boho room

Bar and coffee shop area