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Professional Headshots: Elevate Your Business Image

In today's competitive market, the significance of professional headshots cannot be overstated. They serve as a powerful tool for personalizing your business and conveying a compelling message to your clientele. At Studio Bokeh, we specialize in crafting exceptional headshots tailored to meet your specific needs.
Our package options include website and LinkedIn refreshers, multiple looks, and full branding sessions. Our fully equipped studio ensures a seamless experience for capturing the perfect headshot.

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Professional Headshot and Branding Photography

Why do you need a professional headshot

Tips and ideas on your next perfect headshot

A headshot is a portrait photo of a single person featuring the subject’s head, shoulders and in some cases hands. Headshots are commonly used in environment where you want to make a good first impression. That includes LinkedIn profiles, social networks and “about” pages on business websites among other multiple possible applications.



A good headshot is an essential part of creating a professional image. It’s a photo that is supposed to show who you are in one simple image. 



Taking a professional headshot can have many benefits, including creating a solid impression with potential employers, customers and partners; establishing trustworthiness and credibility with customers or clients; and shining a spotlight on your accomplishments, skills and experience.



A professional headshot can be just what you need if you’re looking for ways to set yourself up for success in today’s fast pacing world. Whether you’re looking to develop your acting career or an entrepreneur trying to create brand awareness, having an eye-catching portrait that captures your personality can open up new doors for success!



No matter what type of headshot you need, hiring a professional photographer who can create an image you will love is important. Ideally, you should update your headshot every 2-3 years. 



Most quality headshot sessions feature a range of facial expressions and posing so you can choose your favorites for different applications.

The type of headshots you need will dictate what you should be wearing. For a business headshot, wear professional clothing that is clean, wrinkle-free, and flattering. For social media portraits or dating app profile pictures, casual is key. Bring a few different outfits, so you can change as needed for more variety. 



Headshot tips for brilliant results



#1: Wear solid colours and freshly ironed clothing



There are a million common expressions about the importance of clothing toward both looking good and feeling good. 

There are at least two good reasons to focus on clothing before your shoot:


Reason 1: If you look good, you’ll feel better about yourself. That feeling will translate to more authentic and confident photos.


Reason 2: People will judge you based on their first impression. The right clothing is important for creating an impression of someone polished and professional. 


In general, solid colors tend to be less distracting. Loud patterns draw the viewers’ eyes away from your headshot and toward your clothing.



#2: Recycle your expression in between photos



Take breaks between shots, don’t try to keep the same smile on your face for a long time. The longer you hold a smile, the faker it gets. So, in between shots, make sure to reset your expression to neutral.


Don’t feel like you need to smile for all of your photos. Try to alternate between a full smile, a grin, and no smile during your session. That ensures the maximum variety of photos - and that you don’t get stuck with pictures of a fake smile.



#3: Use oil absorbing sheets to reduce unwanted shine 



For most people, in a studio setting, shine will naturally appear on their nose, forehead and chin during a studio shoot. The professional photography flash tends to accentuate shine.


Using oil blotch pads to absorb excess oil makes a massive impact on getting good professional headshots — particularly for people with darker complexions (where shine is more obvious).



#4: Lean into the camera



By far, one of the most impactful tips is to lean your weight on one foot toward the camera. When you hold your weight evenly on your body, your nose and neck tend to be the closest body parts to the camera lens. 

By leaning toward the camera, you’ll stretch out your neck, create a stronger jawline, and bring your eyes into focus.


#5: Know yourself 


Do you have a specific angle that you think works best for you? Make sure to share that info with your headshot photographer. 


By showing a couple photos of yourself that you’ve liked in the past, you’re giving your photographer some important information about your preferences. By giving references, you’re much more likely to get a photo that you’ll love.

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