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We will pay you $5 for a poor-quality passport photo

If you are dissatisfied with a photo taken at a convenience store or pharmacy by a cashier on a low-end camera with little understanding of colour and light, book our service and we'll buy this photo from you for $5 cash per set!


- The photo needs to be stamped and dated

- The photo must be for the same person who is undergoing the photoshoot

- You will allow us to use it on our pin wall

You deserve to look great on your documents. That's why we take it seriously and offer a unique opportunity for Aurora and Newmarket residents: professional passport photos taken by our skilled photographer inside our studio, ensuring proper lighting and background. These photos are then processed using the same software we utilize for headshots, and are reviewed with the customer before printing.

We only use the highest quality photo paper and original supplies from the printer manufacturer. This results in outstanding photos.

Simply schedule an appointment for your new passport photo, bring the photo to our studio, and we'll purchase it from you. If you are getting photos for a group, we will pay $5 for each set.

You can find us at 15105 Yonge st, suite 104, Aurora ON (one block south of Aurora Public Library). An appointment is required  - use the link below or call us at 437-900-8500.

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